About Us

At Vermont Bread Company, we’re proud to have a long tradition of baking delicious breads and baked goods.   Since 1978, we’ve taken great pride in baking our breads with care and traditional, scratch recipes that have been handed down throughout the generations.  And, we don’t use any artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup or chemical preservatives or dough conditioners (most of which we couldn’t even pronounce, much less want to put in our breads)!

Our USDA Certified Organic breads use ingredients that are produced in strict compliance with national organic standards.  Buying organic bread is about more than just getting more wholesome food; it supports sustainable agriculture, responsible land stewardship, cleaner streams and rivers, and safer drinking water.  These sustainable methods improve and protect the soil while reducing environmental damage and drinking water contamination. By avoiding chemical pesticides, organic agriculture ensures greater biodiversity, naturally disease resistant crops, and drinking water free of pesticide residues.